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The Outer Armour Advantage

There is no other deer blind in the world like Outer Armour. The wall panels in our Outer Armour deer blinds are constructed of a high density, closed cell, polyurethane structural foam. The foam completely encases an internal wood panel frame that gives the 1 ½ inch thick walls additional strength and a 7.5r insulation value. The foam exterior does not rust, deteriorate, or attract insects that shorten the life span of other blind materials. Our patented foam material is a great insulator during even the coldest days in the field hunters stay warm with a small heater. Say goodbye to shivering in the cold outside. The doors are hung on durable hinges and windows either slide up or flip down for easy opening. The windows are constructed from composite board with a ¼” Plexiglas insert that slides in aluminum tracks. They can be adjusted to stay open at any height. All of our blinds come with a base frame that is ground blind ready with short legs that hold the blind nine inches off of the ground. However all of our blinds are easily elevated by using 6x6 treated posts or a kit of steel legs. Typically our blinds are elevated between six and twelve feet in the field.

"When I whitetail hunt, I hunt from an Outer Armour deer blind. They are comfortable, rugged and durable. Premium construction and components ensure a great value that lasts for years. I own Outer Armour deer blinds and recommend them to all of my friends."
Steve West - Host
Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV

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